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Vantage One Excellence Scholarship 2023 from University of British Columbia for Undergraduate

 The Vantage One Excellence Scholarship offered by the University of British Columbia in Canada is a very special scholarship that is offered to foreign students who wish to enroll in one of the undergraduate programs at UBC Vantage One College of the University of British Columbia and who are not proficient in the English language enough to study at the university! The scholarships provide full funding for them to strengthen their English language level and study one of the available undergraduate programs.

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Through this article, we will learn about the full information of the Vantage One 2023 Excellence Scholarship, funding, conditions, required documents, and how to apply.

All You Need To Know About The Vantage One Excellence Scholarship 2023

The University of British Columbia ranks third among Canadian universities, and 45th in the world. The University of British Columbia (UBC) is a public research university with campuses in Vancouver and Kelowna, British Columbia. Founded in 1908, the University of British Columbia is the oldest university in British Columbia. We find among its most important colleges and schools:

College of Applied Sciences, Architecture and Landscape Architecture, College of Arts, School of Business, Community and Regional Planning, College of Dentistry, College of Education, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, College of Journalism, College of Law, College of Medicine, College of Nursing,, College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Public Policy and Global Affairs, Faculty of Science, Social Work.

The Vantage One Scholarship Program from the University of British Columbia is for academically strong international students who do not have a full English language proficiency and do not meet the Direct Entry requirements. These awards are offered to undergraduate students entering the UBC Vantage One program exclusively and are based on academic merit.

Scholarship Provider: Scholarships in Canada.

Grant provider: University of British Columbia.

Target educational levels: Bachelor's degree.

Arab countries eligible to apply: All Arab countries.

Required language: English.

Scholarship Duration: Scholarships are renewable until the end of the academic program.

Number of seats available: not specified.

Majors in Excellence Scholarships from the University of British Columbia

The Vantage One Excellence Scholarship in Canada includes the academic majors in the educational college offering the scholarship (UBC Vantage College), which are the following majors:




UBC Vantage College is a college of education affiliated with the University of British Columbia in Canada. This college receives students who have recently completed high school and have high academic performance, as competition for seats in this college is very high.

Funding in Canada Vantage One Scholarships

There is no specific amount set by the university to fund the student through this scholarship, but the value of the Vantage One Excellence Scholarship is commensurate with your proven financial need and is sufficient to cover living expenses and tuition costs to obtain your degree from the University of British Columbia.

The scholarship is renewable for up to three additional years of undergraduate study, provided you achieve satisfactory academic standing at your college, continue to demonstrate financial need, and maintain your Canadian study permit (student visa).

Conditions for applying for a Canadian university scholarship

In order to be eligible to apply for the Vantage One Excellence Scholarship, certain conditions must be met:

You must be an international student who will be studying in Canada with a Canadian study permit.

Be enrolled at UBC from an overseas high school recognized in Canada, or transfer from your first year of college, to a bachelor’s degree program at a Canadian university.

You must have graduated from high school no later than June two years prior to the academic year for which you are applying. For example, applicants for scholarships beginning in 2023 must have graduated from high school in 2022, scholarships starting in 2024 must have graduated in 2023, and so on.

You should be on your way to starting your undergraduate studies at UBC on the UBC Vantage One programme.

You meet the requirements for admission to UBC Vantage College.

You must demonstrate superior academic achievement.

Please note: If you are nominated for the Vantage One Excellence Scholarship, you cannot apply to any other scholarship offered by the University, including the International Master Entrance Scholarships and Outstanding International Student Awards.

How to apply for the Vantage One Excellence Scholarship 2023

Check out this short video on how to apply to university programs in general:

A student must be nominated for a Vantage One award by a school guidance counselor or education officer at the school where the student attended. So the first step is to ensure that the school you have studied in approves your candidacy for this Canadian scholarship. However, it should be noted that the nomination can be made exclusively for the majors available in this college.

Please note that the school that will nominate you can nominate only 3 students for this scholarship. Thus, you and two other students can be nominated.

The tasks to be performed by the student can be summarized as follows:

The student must choose a teacher or faculty member who has taught him before and for whom he can provide an academic reference.

Send the teacher (referee) details to the nominee (the school that will nominate you). Submit your teacher's details, including name and email address, to your school. The school will need this information to start the scholarship application.

Applying to an undergraduate program at UBC Vantage College at the University of British Columbia: While you're waiting for your school's recommendation, you can begin the Canadian university application process to try to create an account on the university's website. Without obtaining a username and password, you will not be able to submit your scholarship application.

In order for the school to assist and nominate you, you must send this document to them. The document outlines the steps that must be followed by your school in order to nominate you for this scholarship. Never attempt to apply for a scholarship on your own! Because your application will not be taken into account, and the university requires that the scholarship be applied for through your school.

Steps to apply to the targeted educational college can also be viewed via this link.

Canadian scholarship application dates

The Vantage One Excellence Scholarship in Canada is a yearly scholarship that usually begins in September of each year, and the application for the scholarship closes in the middle of the eleventh month (November) of the same year.

The official website of the scholarship

You can check the scholarship’s official website and scroll to the bottom section of the page to search for the “Vantage One Excellence Award” scholarship.


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