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Most Demanded jobs in Australia 2022

Get acquainted with us about the required jobs in Australia in terms of professions and wages, with a statement of the salary of each job, the number of available vacancies, in addition to the conditions required for applicants, how they are accepted, and how the lifestyle in Australia affects the required job.

Australia is a developed and civilized country, characterized by a high per capita share of GDP and a relatively low rate of poverty. 

It is considered one of the favorite countries to live in, as it secures an excellent standard of living for its citizens, successful education, broad political and popular rights, and many other advantages.

Based on the foregoing, the Australian economy is functioning exceptionally well. The state also provides great job opportunities and has attracted many immigrants over the past years who aspire to live in the best standard. This is a great opportunity for professionals, specifically those working in certain sectors such as IT.

required jobs in australia

The Australian economy is considered a leader and has an excellent standard for the countries of the world, and there are several reasons for the distinguished economic position of Australia, including its growing and advanced position as an important trading power in the Asia-Pacific region, and its relations with China and other developing regional economies. In 2018, the Australian economy grew by 3% of the gross domestic product, and in 2019 it continued to grow by 2.7%, and there was a slight slowdown in growth in 2020, and it is expected that growth will continue until 2023 with the same growth in 2019 and more.

All this calls for expecting the best in terms of job opportunities in all fields, especially in the field of information technology and other industries.

Here are some of the most in-demand jobs in Australia, in terms of demand and wages:

1. Information Technology Systems Engineer

Average salaries here are about A$140,000 (about $99,000 USD). High positions may carry much higher salaries than that. Currently, various job sites display around 800-1200 vacancies nationwide.

2. Director of Information Technology

This job is not related to the well-known management that relies on supervision and management as much as it is related to the ability of the employee to be an agent of change through the deployment and effective use of technology. When consulting on the benefits of working through information technology, high-ranking jobs in this field can have an average income of 125,000 Australian dollars (about 89,000 US dollars).

Vacancies statistics show about 8,000 available jobs.

3. IT security engineer

There is an increasing need in our societies to focus more on overall IT security. Accordingly, the demand for experienced and competent IT security engineers is greater than ever. Currently, seasoned professionals in this specialty earn an average salary of A$124,000 (about $88,000 USD).

There are approximately 166 vacancies in this field.

4. Cloud engineering

The concept of cloud engineering refers to a broad field of information technology that includes: Hardware infrastructure, software infrastructure, data center facilities, virtualization technologies, and software engineering concepts. Also considered a high-paying job, these engineers can earn an average salary of around 112,000 Australian dollars (about 79,000 US dollars).

Vacancies in this field are also high, numbering around 700 across Australia.

5. Data Scientist

Data scientists are essential and essential in systems development and exploitation activities.

Average salaries are estimated to be around A$100,000 (about $70,000 USD).

6. Developers of the “Python” language

One of the most popular programming and development languages in the field of data. Python has now become an important force in the IT industry.

Average salaries for experienced Python developers are around A$100,000 (about $70,000 USD). There are currently about 2,600 vacancies across the country.

7. IT consultants

Experienced IT consultants are always in demand in Australia, whether they are self-employed or for a company. The average salary for working as a technology consultant is around $80,000 AUD (about $57,000 USD). There are over 11,000 such vacancies in Australia.

8. Project managers

The world of business and finance is always looking for people with recognized project management skills. Average salaries for this category of people are around $80,000 AUD (about $57,000 and up for senior positions). Currently, there are around 634 jobs available in different locations.

9. Communications technician

Another highly in-demand skill in Australia, technical communications engineers can command salaries averaging around A$80,000 (about $57,000 USD). There are at least 1,416 of these positions available.

10. DevOps Engineer

The DevOps specialization is a new field that combines two different specializations in the technical field, namely operation and development. Engineers and people with extensive skills in this field can earn salaries of 70,000 Australian dollars (about 50,000 US dollars). There are currently no more than 2,400 jobs available in this specialty.

There are plenty of jobs too, about 254 across the country.


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