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McGill University McGill Scholarships 2023 for Undergraduate Study in Canada

 McGill University is one of the best universities in Canada, and it usually ranks among the top 50 universities in the world! This Canadian university offers annual scholarships to help foreign students finance their studies in one of the undergraduate programs offered by the university. McGill University Scholarships are offered to a large number of scientific disciplines, and funding may last for 4 full years!

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Through this article, we will learn about all the information about the McGill University Scholarships 2022, funding, conditions, required documents, and most importantly, we will see how to apply for these scholarships.

All You Need To Know About McGill University McGill Scholarships 2022

McGill University is a public research university located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was founded in 1821. It is the only university, along with the University of Toronto, as members of the Association of American Universities outside the United States. Canada's McGill University is consistently ranked in the top 50 universities in the world and among the top 3 universities in Canada. It is considered the best university in Canada for medical majors.

McGill offers degrees and diplomas in more than 300 fields of study, with most students enrolled in the five largest colleges of Arts and Sciences, Medicine, Engineering and Management. With more than 30% of the university's students coming from outside Canada, they come from more than 150 different countries around the world.

Notable researchers include Ernest Rutherford, who discovered the atomic nucleus and conducted his Nobel Prize-winning research on the nature of radioactivity while working as a professor of experimental physics at the university. Among the other inventions of the university we find: the discovery of the first artificial cell in the world, the building of the first search engine on the Internet, the first dual charging device, and many others.

The Canadian University offers more than one scholarship program annually, but one of the most important of these scholarships is the undergraduate funding program, which is offered to students who wish to start studying in one of the bachelor's programs offered by the university.

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Scholarship Provider: Scholarships in Canada.

Grant provider: McGill University.

Target educational levels: Bachelor's degree.

Arab countries eligible to apply: All Arab countries.

Required language: English.

Duration of the scholarship: initially for one year, renewable until the end of the chosen specialization.

Majors in Canadian McGill University Scholarship

Scholarships offered by Canadian McGill University include all majors available at the university, and related to the following educational faculties:

Business and Economics (45 programmes).

Education (16 programmes).

Engineering (28 programmes).

environment (65 programmes).

Health Sciences (64 programmes).

Humanities and Social Sciences (83 programmes).

Languages (34 programmes).

Mathematics, Computing and Technology (48 programmes).

Music (19 programmes).

Politics and Law (28 programmes).

Pure and applied sciences (66 programmes).

All bachelor's degree programs can be viewed via this link.

Funding in McGill University Scholarships

The Canadian University does not specify any specific amount of funding or its comprehensiveness, but states that the scholarships offered aim to help accepted students obtain sufficient financial resources, by giving them financial aid, opportunities to work part-time, and other sources of funding.

The funding that accepted students will receive depends on the following:

The level of need demonstrated by the student and their family compared to other applicants.

The amount of tuition fees for the chosen academic major.

Funding in scholarships is offered until completion of a bachelor’s degree (up to a maximum of four years) provided renewal criteria (financial need and academic standing) are met.

The advantage associated with funding is that students accepted into the scholarship will receive direct approval to work at the university through the “Work Study Program” when applying through Minerva.

The Work Study Program provides access to clerical, research, technical, clerical, or other positions on campus or at certain McGill hospitals and institutions. Not only does the program help students financially, but it can also develop professional skills and experience.

Conditions for applying for the McGill University Scholarships in Canada

McGill University is committed to supporting the academic endeavors of qualified undergraduate students who need financial assistance. The University Scholarship Program provides entry scholarships to students from low-to-middle-income families who demonstrate financial need. Persons eligible to apply:

Undergraduate students newly admitted to the university, in their first year.

Students who are studying in the first year at the university for one of the bachelor's degree programmes.

Therefore, we find that one of the most important conditions for applying for the Canadian McGill University scholarship is that the student has completed the application process for one of the bachelor’s programs available at the university. The second important condition is that the student proves his financial need and that he comes from a family with limited income.

Documents required for application

You will be required to submit the following documents:

Passport copy: The applicant must submit a clear scanned copy of his or her regular passport.

CV Resume.

Secondary school graduation certificate.

Secondary school transcripts.

Evidence of English language proficiency:

IELTS Test Certificate.

TOEFL Test certificate.

You may need to submit additional documents depending on the major you wish to apply for.

How to apply for McGill University McGill Scholarships 2022

There is no separate application for the scholarship, but the application for the scholarship is done directly while filling out the application for applying to the university. And since the student needs to obtain university admission first, the first step is to choose the academic specialization and apply for it directly through the official website.

After the student obtains an acceptance letter from the university, he can then find the option to apply for scholarships by going to the following website: Minerva. Then you must log in according to the information obtained by the university and then search for the Financial Aid/Awards tab section.

The next step is to click on the Financial Aid Menu, then Apply for a McGill Entrance Bursary, choose Apply to Entrance Bursary, and finally complete the application with the appropriate information and then submit it.

Note: International students who wish to apply to the scholarship program from the university must submit a CSS profile in addition to filling out the application we talked about earlier (within the Minerva website).

Canadian scholarship application dates

It is highly recommended to apply within 30 days of the date of official admission to the university as funding for this program is limited and is offered on a rolling basis until available resources are exhausted. Submission officially closes on June 30 of each year.

The official website of the scholarship

You can check the grants official website.


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